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New Photo Block in Development. New tutorials on transforms and the admin bar. InstaAdmin Update. Remember the Yeti?

Published about 1 year ago • 3 min read

Welcome. Again. Again.

I apologize if you've received this newsletter twice. I've added in a few items to make it worth a second read.

I've completed moving over all my newsletter subscribers to ConvertKit.

As promised with the last newsletter, I'm giving away my Yeti microphone to one lucky subscriber.

Simply reply to this email and let me know what feature you'd like in a brand new photo block. I'll select the winner at random by the end of the week.

A new photo block is coming

In a collaboration with WebberZone, I have begun development on a brand new photo block.

I've used image blocks from Core, GenerateBlocks, Kadence Blocks, and a host of others. All have fallen short in some way, which is why I feel there's a need for a new photo block.

This new photo block will be completely responsive, and will also have dynamic data built-in. The end goal is to release the block for free.

New free course! Mastering Actions and Filters.

I've had the idea for an actions and filters course in my head for a while, but I finally got around to putting thoughts into actions.

I've published the first lesson, which is available to the public for free. Please check out the course if you'd like to know more about how WordPress functions behind the scenes.

New block transforms tutorial

Block transforms allow you to change from one block to another with ease.

The tutorial goes over what transforms are, and why you should use them in your own custom blocks.

New tutorial on adding an admin bar menu item

The admin toolbar can be a hot topic, but if you really want to know how to add your own items to the admin bar, this tutorial will help you out.

InstaAdmin development has stalled

InstaAdmin development has stalled, I'm afraid. Having blocks render in the admin has proven to be an endless rabbit hole. I'm considering scaling it back a bit and just releasing it as-is. Any thoughts? Please reply to this email.

Comment Edit Pro receives a new activity feature

One requested feature of Comment Edit Pro was to add an expiration of post comments based on activity.

If a user leaves a comment, the post activity countdown is reset. Only when a post hasn't received any activity for a set amount of time do the comments expire.

There's also a new advanced section, and a new tools section where you can blanket enable or disable new comments for custom post types.

That's all for now. Thank you so much for being a subscriber.


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