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New WP 6.3 Developer Tutorials. Rebranding from Twitter to X. Comment Edit Pro Updates

Published 10 months ago • 2 min read

WordPress 6.3 is releasing soon

WordPress 6.3 is due to be released on August 8th. It has a ton of block editor improvements and I'm looking forward to this release. I have a few 6.3 tutorials in this newsletter, one about the new command palette and one about development mode.

Tutorial: A New WordPress Command Palette is Releasing Soon

If you're a Mac user, you're probably familiar with Spotlight. The WordPress command palette acts in a similar fashion. Coming with WordPress 6.3, you can use CMD+K (or CTRL+K on Windows) to search for shortcuts in the block editor.

While the usefulness of this feature is dependent on people using it and developers adding to it, I think this is a welcome addition and I can see agencies using this on client sites for common tasks and shortcuts.

Plugin Update: Highlight and Share Switches from Twitter to X

I decided to bite the bullet and rename Twitter to "X" in the latest version of Highlight and Share. It was a small update, but I figured it was time to accept fate and that "X" is here to stay.

Tutorial: Setting Block Defaults

Have you ever inserted a block and found that there are 2-3 common tasks you do every time? You can shortcut this and set block attributes programmatically so you don't have to configure a block when inserting it. For example, I like the image block to be centered and link to the full image. Before, I had to do this every time I inserted the image block.

Featured WordPress Plugin


FooBox is a lightbox plugin that pops up your post images in a nice modal when clicked on. It works great for your existing photos and has video support. The free version works well, but the Pro version is worth getting for the extra configuration options. I use FooBox on all my sites.

Tutorial: WordPress Development Mode

If you're a WordPress developer, you're probably familiar with the WP_DEBUG constant. Well, development mode compliments debug mode.

I explain the existing debug methods WordPress developers use, and why the new development mode was added to WordPress.

Comment Edit Suite Gets WooCommerce Review Editing

Comment Edit Core and Pro now come with WooCommerce review editing. This is a feature added based on a user request.

Free users can edit reviews for a fixed period of time. Pro users can set unlimited editing for logged-in users, which enables unlimited editing for logged-in WooCommerce customers.

Please check out the announcement post for more details.

That's all for now. Thank you so much for reading and being a subscriber.

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